Like every Matilda design, this wrap holds the name of a woman whose discoveries or works have been credited to men or simply forgot because she was a woman. This time, I have chosen André Léo, under her real name, Victoire Léodile Béra. Léodile was a French feminist, journalist, novelist, essayist, communard and anarchist… from the 19th century! She was way ahead of her time on many society subjects and aspects of her life.

This new Matilda, with its black and burgundy colors has a bold look. It is dark, minimal but also finely nuanced, subtle and elegant. With its shimmering effect, the colors seem to change from black and dark burgundy to charcoal and wine-purple. It will quickly become soft and moldable and will be suitable for both small babies and toddlers.

Matilda André L.

  • 52% organic cotton GOTS certified*

    24% mulesing free merino*

    16% supima*

    4% mulberry silk*

    4% linen*
    * Oeko-Tex certified
    330 gsm

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