First of all, Hubertine comes from a meeting between a mother and her child.


Then, it’s a response to a need. It’s a tool, that fits our lifestyle.


It’s about giving our children what they need while we continue to remain active, combining an ancestral and intercultural gesture with modern, everyday life.


It’s a vision of parenting that sees babywearing from the very first moments of life.


To this, add a few more ingredients: love for fabrics, beautiful things, art, craftsmanship, and the people who bring good craftsmanship into being, sense of humor and ties that bind.


Hubertine is a commitment to quality and local expertise through traditional weaving methods. It is also a responsible approach towards sustainable development through a choice of non-toxic resources.

In collaboration with French weavers who work for couture houses, Hubertine maintains the highest standards, and demands the best and most beautiful products.

Alexandra, founder of Atelier Hubertine



Quite simply because carrying our children, holding them in our arms is a natural act.

We naturally reach out to our children; with this touch we surround them, we calm them, we reassure them, we simply show them our love.

Babywearing our children is the answer to a primary need. There is nothing here that relates to a demand or a tantrum. Our children are not society’s product nor its injuctions, they are newborn human beings with natural reactions and reflexes, including the gripping reflex.


Babywearing is nothing new, it has always existed amongst times and cultures. Benefits are numerous for both the child and the carrier.

Babywearing our chidren is a simple answer to the human contact need while remaining available to face our daily and busy routine.


“Affectionate tactile stimulation is clearly a primary need, a need which must be satisfied if the infant is to develop as a healthy human being”

Ashley Montagu, Touching, the human significance of the skin

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